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New Paint Job, New Roof

new paint job, new roof



Have you looked at your Nashville home’s exterior lately? Are you in need of a paint job? If so, it may be time for a new roof too.

But how do you know? On the one hand, it’s good to inspect your current paint job to see if you need a new one. But it’s good to use that paint inspection as a roof inspection like the Nashville roofers at Value Roofing can do, too. Here’s what to look for.


DIY paint inspectionDIY Paint Inspection

Since many older Nashville homes have painted wood siding, this will probably be very useful information to you. But if you have a brick home, focus your inspection on the wooden shutters and doors. And if you have vinyl siding, go to this website for info on how to inspect it.

Even though winter is coming, October and early November are still a good time to do home inspections like this. Summer’s heat is over and getting outside is no longer such a chore. When you set out to inspect your exterior paint job, you’ll be looking for two things: cracking and flaking. Why? Each indicates a different level of work. If you see cracking, this means the summer sun has dried out your paint, and it can be easily repaired with some light sanding and repainting. Flaking, on the other hand, means scraping the paint off and possibly a whole-house repainting project. Flaking means the paint has been compromised. It therefore behooves you to inspect your paint each year so you can catch cracking before it turns to flaking. Check out this post for more info on DIY Nashville paint inspection.


DIY Roof Inspection

There are a lot of things you can check on a roof to gauge its health, as you can see in the list on this website. For the most part, you are looking for shingle and flashing damage. (Flashing is the metal sheeting that surrounds any rooftop structure, like chimneys and vents.) Consider the following in a quick roof inspection:

  • Rust spots or cracked caulking in flashing
  • Shingles: broken, missing, buckling, curling, or blistering
  • Damaged/missing chimney cap
  • Piles of moss or lichen, which may indicate a rotting roof

If you see any of these problems, you should probably get a Nashville, TN roofing expert out to see what kind of repairs or replacement you might need.


why inspect both at the same timeWhy Inspect Both at the Same Time

Since you’re already outside looking closely at your Nashville, TN home for paint damage, why not take an extra minute to glance up at the roof? A Nashville paint inspection would be a waste if you didn’t also inspect he roof. After all, your exterior walls are right below the roofline. Annual inspections are really the best way to protect—even insure—your Nashville investment. Yes, Nashville painting and roofing experts are available to fix any damage you may have incurred. But ultimately, the responsibility for keeping up with your house is up to you. Make exterior paint and roof inspections a yearly part of your life, in the fall or spring.


Do you need new paint and a new roof?

Never thought about checking the paint job on your wood siding house? Thought even less about the state of the roof? Even if you’re renting, making sure your landlord stays on top of these inspections will save you a lot of hassle. And if it turns out you do need some work on your house, well, it’s a good thing you found out on your own instead of waiting until something went terribly wrong.

Have you ever inspected your own paint or roof? Do you need to work on the house? If you’ve ever had a professional out to work on your home’s exterior, we want to know your experience. Leave your story in the comments below!

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